FlexSpeed Motors

Efficiency Tested and Verified

Fan arrays motors operate beyond the typical operating range of general purpose fan motors. This performance impacts energy efficiency and motor life; both issues can have costly results. ClimateCraft offers a unique solution to these issues—FlexSpeed motors, the first definite purpose motor designed specifically to operate in FanMatrix fan arrays with VFD control.

FlexSpeed motors have been tested by an independent laboratory for efficiency, power factor and temperature rise on VFD power over the constant HP range of the motor. We tested every motor over the entire operating range for comprehensive and accurate data. The results of that testing showed that efficiency was maintained across the entire range of operation for a 20 horsepower motor.


Longer Operating Life

The testing also showed that the operating temperature remained consistent as shown in the chart below. Lower operating temperatures means longer life for motor components. The independent testing also verified that FlexSpeed motors run cooler than the standard integral horsepower motors that have been used with large single fans and in older fan arrays.

 Motor Temperature Rise – 7 Hp FlexSpeed Motor V. 7 Hp Standard Motor


FlexSpeed Motor Features and Benefits

• Internal shaft grounding brush supplied on all motors

• Grease zerks and spring-loaded relief vents on all bearings for long life and ease of maintenance

• 250,000 L 10 life bearings at maximum operating speed for long life

• Class F insulation with Class B temperature rise for long life

• Clamped rear bearings for longer bearing life

• Every motor tested over the entire operating range to validate performance



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