Unique Cabinet Construction for Best-in-Class Performance

The innovative bolted standing seam cabinet construction of ClimateCraft air handling units is designed in compliance with ASHRAE/ANSI Standard 111, and a minimum of Class 5 Performance. This gasketed and bolted design does not rely on caulking for low air leakage, improved energy efficiency and reduced cabinet sweating. Our integrated air seals provide best-in-class low-leakage performance. Panels are removable with a bolted exterior standing seam that allows easy access to the internal components of the air handler.

Building on a Strong Base

ClimateCraft air handlers have a strong welded structural base using either 2 x 5 or 2 x 8-inch steel perimeter rails with formed steel C channels on 24-inch maximum centers. Stringers between cross members also reinforce the floor. As an option, floor material is available using diamond plate aluminum for durability and traction.


A cross-section of the bolted standing seam cabinet construction

The welded structural base of ClimateCraft air handling units

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