Custom Air Handlers

Our custom air handling units for indoor and outdoor installation are designed and built to provide you with reliability, quality and flexibility. Since our founding in 1998, we have demonstrated the engineering expertise to solve virtually any air management challenge by offering:

  • Flexibility to meet specific requirements for size, footprint, and configuration
  • Extreme duty and high static/low leakage application performance
  • Integrated thermal break with our exclusive roll-formed joint panel construction and innovative bolted standing seam cabinet construction. Learn more.
  • Choice of construction materials - galvanized, aluminum or stainless steel
  • Availability of a wide variety of design options and components construction materials available.
  • Capacities from 4,000 to 200,000+ cfm
  • Coating options include powder-coated aluminum or steel, and galvanized pre-painted steel.

Industry Standards Compliance

ClimateCraft air handlers are designed in compliance with key industry standards.

  • AHRI certified coils
  • AMCA certified low leakage dampers
  • AMCA certification for sound power and air delivery performance
  • Miami-Dade County – high velocity hurricane zone requirements
  • IBC seismic certification and OSHPD pre-approval available as options. (aluminum panel construction excluded)

ClimateCraft indoor and outdoor custom air handlers are installed wherever applications demand quality, reliability, and efficiency. Our custom air handling units provide high performance customized to the requirements of a specific project.


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