Entertainment venues such as performing arts centers and movie theaters are a unique challenge based on their widely varying audience loads and strict requirements for quiet operation of all air handling equipment. ClimateCraft is uniquely qualified to meet and exceed those requirements.

McAllen Performing Arts Center

McAllen, Texas

Custom Air Handlers

Three custom air handlers from ClimateCraft to deliver the high performance comfort and low sound required to enhance the theater-going experience. Each of the three air handlers was equipped with FanMatrix™ array systems specially designed with quiet 12-blade aluminum airfoil plenum fans and an optimized sound profile for easier attenuation.

Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts

Kansas City, Missouri

Custom Air Handlers

This 285,000 square foot lankmark includes two performance halls for a variety of productions. Seventeen ClimateCraft custom air handlers are installed with sound-attentuation features to provide concert-goers with comfort without compromising the acoustics of this world class venue.

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