A Leader in Custom Air Handling Solutions

ClimateCraft® manufactures custom air handling units (AHUs) for Commercial, Education, Government, Healthcare, High Tech Manufacturing and Life Sciences environments. Our engineering expertise generates innovative custom solutions which include AHUs that fit into spaces with limited accessibility, fan array towers that feature redundancy and minimize air flow disruptions, stand-alone towers, replacement fans, and air flow measurement and fan monitoring equipment.

ClimateCraft understands your specialized, custom air handling needs. We partner with you for a custom application that also fits your business needs around:

  • Cost containment
  • Project timeline
  • System reliability
  • Indoor air quality (IAQ)
  • Regulatory compliance

Trends in Custom AHUs…
Reducing Building Operation Costs

Until recently, the HVAC industry had been slow to change. Modifications to codes, emphasis on reducing energy consumption, and Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) and Green Building initiatives targeting net zero facilities have challenged the industry to look for better ways to condition the spaces HVAC systems serve.

Reducing building system maintenance costs as well as sustaining optimal performance over the life of airside equipment is where the HVAC industry’s focus lies today. When it comes to capital budgets, design flexibility, system integrity, ease of maintenance and longevity, nothing beats a custom air handling unit (AHU).

Over the years, tremendous effort has been devoted to improving chiller efficiencies, as well as to achieving unitary equipment mandates for lowering energy usage. At the same time, airside products have been widely ignored, so today there is tremendous opportunity for building owners to benefit from recent advances in that area.

A Practical Solution

Making AHUs more efficient depends on reducing static pressure. Although manufacturing larger AHUs may solve the problem theoretically, that option is impractical due to space constraints of equipment rooms and square footage utilization values in commercial buildings.

Instead, using customized AHUs comprised of fans and fan arrays that feature the most advanced technology, along with optimized components and configurations, allow buildings in Commercial, Education, Government, Healthcare, High Tech Manufacturing and Life Sciences environments to minimize energy and HVAC maintenance costs.

By focusing on total cost of ownership rather than on system cost, and by factoring high energy efficiency and minimal system upkeep into airside equipment maintenance budgets over the long term, building owners will realize the benefits of investing in custom AHUs rather than in standard options that may be less expensive in the short term.

According to the 2011 Efficiency Indicator Survey administered by the American Society for Healthcare Engineering and others, cutting annual energy consumption costs by $200,000-$300,000 can have the same benefit to cash flow as generating $10 million or $15 million in revenue. So, allocating resources to programs and equipment that reduce energy costs is a wise use of capital which provides a relatively quick return-on-investment.

Thankfully, such dramatic savings are available to forward-thinking building owners in all market sectors.


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Why “Custom?”

ClimateCraft provides the highest quality air handling units (AHUs) on the market. That's because we use ClimatePro, our proprietary materials selection and design software that enables our engineers to select the components and materials that are ideal for your specific application. Read More →

Note: ClimateCraft's fan array products allow for fans to be turned off for safety, repair, and maintenance purposes. ClimateCraft's fan array products are not designed to turn individual fans on and off for the purpose of improving fan array efficiency, and ClimateCraft does not endorse turning individual fans on and off for the purpose of improving fan array efficiency. Any statement to the contrary is not supported by ClimateCraft.