ClimateCraft works with hundreds of customers and can address a variety of questions or concerns related to the design, construction and installation of customized AHUs.

General Process

Who do I contact for warranty issues or replacement parts?

  • After shipment, parts can be purchased through the Service Department at support@climatecraft.com or by calling 405.415.9230 and asking for the Service Department.
  • Warranty items can be addressed by the quality department. They can be contacted directly at support@climatecraft.com or by calling the 405.415.9230 and asking for the Service Department.

Can I get a copy of the IOM manual?

A copy can be downloaded in our resource center in our resource center.

How do I get drawings of lifting lug locations?

Contact the ClimateCraft Application Engineer who worked on your project or contact your local ClimateCraft representative. See Rep Locator for contact information.

Are standalone fan towers available to be ordered separately to replace fans in existing retrofit applications?

Yes, ClimateCraft has the knowledge to help make sure your electrical needs along with building access requirements are considered to ensure a smooth replacement.

How do I find out the ship date of my unit(s)?

Contact your local ClimateCraft representative. See Rep locator for contact information

How can I get a spare parts list for my unit(s)/project?

Contact the ClimateCraft Application Engineer who worked on your project or contact your local ClimateCraft representative. See Rep Locator for contact information

Unit Specific

What insulation/wall thicknesses can you provide?

Our units have the option of either fiberglass insulation which can be provided with polymer film wrap or injected foam. Our insulation/wall panels can be provided in 2”, 3”, and 4” thicknesses.

What options do you have for your unit construction? Floor materials?

  • Our units can be provided utilizing galvanized, pre-paint galvanized, aluminum, stainless steel, or powdercoated exterior panels. Our interior panels can be galvanized, aluminum, 304 or 316 stainless steel, with solid or perforated liners. Our floor options include galvanized or stainless steel, aluminum or painted steel treadplate, we also offer a 2" water dam around all floor openings.
  • Being a custom air handling unit manufacturer, we can design our units to fit your specified needs. If you have a material or specific gauge of material in mind, please contact us and we can let you know if we are able to meet your unique requirements.

What is the difference between the FanWall® and the FanMatrix™ offerings?

  • ClimateCraft's spring isolated structural steel design allows us to use larger, more efficient fans (73% peak efficiency versus 70%). With the use of larger fans we can use larger and more efficient fan motors (93% for 15 HP versus 91% for 7.5 HP). Inclusion of a standard 5 year motor parts warranty.
  • See other key differences.

    • Zero harmonic vibration frequency design (no lockout bands required for drives) allows for use of the full operating range (0-110 Hz) and longer bearing life as the VFD doesn’t need to “hunt around for locked out frequencies”
    • “Inertia Base” Fan Structure Performance along with individual spring isolation delivers a design with no resonant frequencies, reducing concerns about transferring vibration/sound issues throughout your building that go undiscovered until after full operation.
    • Standard 5-Year Motor Warranty, demonstrating the confidence we have in our motor, specifically designed for direct drive applications, to keep your building operational with no hidden expenses.
    • Optimized quantity of fans that maximize unit efficiency and redundancy capabilities while minimizing the quantity of moving part and the associated operations and maintenance costs
    • Reduced service costs by using easily replaceable wheels and motors with no need to remove any of the tower structure
    • Optional motor winch that allows for safe and easy removal of motor base and fan components

Do you offer knock down units for installation into tight spaces?

We offer true knock down capability, shipping the palletized wall and roof panels and components to meet tight jobsite constraints (see ACCESS™). We can also offer the flexibility of custom designed shipping splits to minimize the size and weight of the assembled unit section to reduce the amount of field labor required to reassemble units.

Can you factory mount control end devices by others?

Yes, we can wire mount control end devices provided to us from others. The devices will be terminated to a junction box for final field connection to the building system.

Do you offer electrical with single point power?

We can provide single point power distribution options for ease of installation.

Can you offer options for UV lights, indirect and direct fired gas heat, energy recovery wheels, heat pipes or plate exchangers?

Yes we can provide the support necessary to meet your job specific AHU needs.

What does it mean when I see references to N+1, N-1 when dealing with fan arrays?

N+1 is the practice of having a spare fan to ensure system availability in the event of a main operating fan failure. When not needed, the N+1 fan is not utilized. N-1 is the practice of sizing your fan array so that if one fan fails, the other fans are sized to speed up and makeup for the lost fan performance. In this situation, all fans are being utilized at all times. Your redundancy comes from the existing fans being selected such that they can maintain the required CFM of your system even with a fan failure. For a detailed review of what is best for your application, contact your local ClimateCraft sales office.

If you have any questions, contact our Applications Engineering Team for assistance.

FanWall® is a registered product of HUNTAIR®.

Note: ClimateCraft's fan array products allow for fans to be turned off for safety, repair, and maintenance purposes. ClimateCraft's fan array products are not designed to turn individual fans on and off for the purpose of improving fan array efficiency, and ClimateCraft does not endorse turning individual fans on and off for the purpose of improving fan array efficiency. Any statement to the contrary is not supported by ClimateCraft.