Once the decision has been made to install a FanMatrix™ fan array solution, the air handling unit (AHU) can be operated most efficiently by combining a remote BAS system with MatrixMonitor®. MatrixMonitor is a cost-effective fan array airflow measurement and fan monitoring package that continually checks equipment operation, and improves reliability and serviceability, resulting in considerable cost savings over the equipment’s life. Benefits include:

Improved Operational Performance

  • Accurate airflow measurement of individual fans and the total fan array
  • Capability to monitor up to 2 fan arrays per AHU, i.e. supply and return fans
  • Automatically adjusts for air density changes for better accuracy
  • Monitors fan array pressure rise and air temperature to assist with faster troubleshooting of performance issues

Improved Reliability

  • Reduced internal wiring due to the microprocessor-based design
  • Utilization of fan's piezometric pressure ports mounted out of the direct airstream to eliminate adverse affects to system's static pressure or sound performance
  • Key sensors provided to manage fan array system by detecting fan failures and power surges, and compensates for any reverse air flow condition
  • Fan surge detection/reporting to protect the equipment from operating in the surge region extending the motor life.

Improved Serviceability

  • Fan vibration monitoring, (with operator determined vibration limits) can help predict or prevent untimely motor failures
  • Fan bearing lubrication notification based on speed and operating hours
  • BMS Connectivity with ability to function as a stand-alone monitoring system or integrated with a remote system, allow for displays of airflow and fan array performance parameters

Note: ClimateCraft's fan array products allow for fans to be turned off for safety, repair, and maintenance purposes. ClimateCraft's fan array products are not designed to turn individual fans on and off for the purpose of improving fan array efficiency, and ClimateCraft does not endorse turning individual fans on and off for the purpose of improving fan array efficiency. Any statement to the contrary is not supported by ClimateCraft.

Our Promise

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