FlexSpeed™ motors:

The next evolution of induction motor technology

FlexSpeed™ is the first motor that is specifically designed to power fan arrays with variable frequency drives (VFDs) resulting in efficiencies well above today’s general purpose motors operating greater than 60 Hz.

Cost effective motor, at premium efficiency

  • • Better payback over the life of the motor due to FlexSpeed’s higher operating    efficiency.
  •       • FlexSpeed uses 3% less power than a general purpose motor over entire         operating range.
  •       • FlexSpeed can offer 5% reduction in power usage vs. competitive         "Incremental Horsepower" motors.
  • • Reduce motor maintenance & increase reliability since FlexSpeed motors run    cooler for longer motor life.

Our Promise

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FlexSpeed is a polyphase induction motor that is specifically designed to power fan arrays with VFDs. FlexSpeed motors allow the system to utilize the VFDs native voltage enhancement features to maximize part load efficiency. 

General purpose motors vs. FlexSpeed

Fan arrays are direct coupled to the motor shaft.  This requires the motor and fan to run at the same speed – meaning, the motor speed at the fan design point is no longer running at 60 Hz. 

Performance data for motors is only available at design frequency and design voltage – data is not available outside those specifications. Testing every specific motor design is the only accurate method to identify how a motor performs on VFDs at higher frequencies.

General purpose motors have not been tested for efficiency, power factor and temperature rise powered by drives over the constant HP range of operation.

Due to the lack of testing, there is no means of identifying performance over that range.

FlexSpeed was designed to overcome these shortcomings of general purpose motor technology:

1.       There is a gap in the selection range between 2940 and 3525 RPM. This gap forces a de-rate of the motor to operate in this RPM range.

2.       The motor efficiency drops off as you run further in the gap & go above the base design frequency.

FlexSpeed™ offers:

·         FlexSpeed motors have been tested for efficiency, power factor and temperature rise on VFD power over the constant HP range of the        motor.

·         Elimination of selection gap from 2940 to 3525 rpm that exists when using general purpose motors. No de-rating require.

·         Optimized motor efficiency in the constant horse power range of operation.

·         Best part load efficiency and reliable, proven technology with standard 5-year rotating parts warranty.