FanMatrix: The Only Fan Array System Made for Long Life and High Efficiency

When looking for a solution to provide redundancy and minimize air flow disruptions to your space due to mechanical failures, one of the most cost-effective strategies is to use multiple fans in each air handler. Dual fans have been popular for years, but sizing them for 100% redundant capability is impractical without using fully redundant AHUs, a very costly approach. Our breakthrough FanMatrix™ fan array towers can provide your next project with superior air handling system performance using a design that balances longevity with operational costs.

These customized fan configurations are ideal for new construction, retrofits and renovations in environments such as:

  • Commercial
  • Education
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • High Tech Manufacturing
  • Life Sciences

Key features and benefits of fan arrays include:

  • Improved energy efficiency by eliminating performance robbing belt drives and fan bearings.
  • Redundancy to minimize unit downtime for critical applications.
  • Improved air distribution for optimum airflow through all unit components.
  • Ability to locate fans in the cabinet horizontally and vertically.
  • Direct-Drive Fans with Premium Efficiency Motors for best performance with minimal maintenance.
  • Improved acoustics through the use of optimum quantity, size and speed of fan for easier cabinet attenuation.
  • Reduced maintenance by using multiple direct drive fans which require no belt adjustments or replacements, have no fan bearings to fail, and feature reduced radial loads on the motor bearings to prolong motor life.
  • Reduced equipment footprint by using smaller multiple fans with relatively low upstream clearance requirements, allowing for a reduced cabinet length that's ideal for "limited space" projects.

Additional features and benefits of FanMatrix™ include:

  • Zero harmonic vibration frequency design (no lockout bands required for drives) allows for use of the full operating range (0-110 Hz) and longer bearing life as the VFD doesn't need to "hunt around the locked out frequencies."
  • "Inertia Base" Fan Structure Performance along with individual spring isolation delivers a design with no resonant frequencies, reducing concerns about transferring vibration/sound issues throughout your building that go undiscovered until after full operation.
  • Standard 5-Year Motor Warranty, demonstrating the confidence we have in our motor, specifically designed for direct drive applications, to keep your building operational with no hidden expenses.
  • Optimized quantity of fans that maximize unit efficiency and redundancy capabilities while minimizing the quantity of moving parts and the associated operations and maintenance costs.
  • Reduced service costs by using easily replaceable wheels and motors with no need to remove any of the tower structure.
  • Improved space temperature control because of an uninterrupted modulation curve, no locked out operating points.
  • Optional motor winch that allows for safe and easy removal of motor base and fan components.

The solution's advantages include:

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Improved energy performance

  • Full Width Plenum Fans provide optimum energy efficiency
  • Fans selected to maximize performance at the lowest life cycle cost
  • Direct Drive Fans with no drive losses or inlet obstruction losses
  • Premium efficiency motors
  • VFD fan control
  • Optional MatrixMonitor® to monitor individual fans and the fan array, improving performance and efficiency.

Greater reliability due to design emphasis on Vibration Control

  • Design eliminates harmful resonant frequencies from occurring within the fan's operating ranges validated using finite element analysis software
    • No VFD Lockout Frequencies required for improving system control
    • Less wear and tear on motor bearings
  • Spring isolation to reduce transmission of vibration energy
    • ASHRAE handbook recommends a minimum of 0.75" deflection isolation for centrifugal fans <40 HP and running at speeds greater than 500 RPM
    • A typical comfort HVAC application will develop imbalances over time. Rigid mounting requires costly precision balancing. Balancing must be maintained over time, which requires costly re-balancing throughout the lifetime of the equipment.
    • Vibrations of any structure can increase generated noise levels. An isolated system will prevent extra noise that could be caused by fans rigidly connected to the unit.
  • Fan selections with full-width wheels to improve airflow and reduce vibration during operation
  • Fan structure performs like an inertia base for minimal vibration to optimize the fans' efficiency and longevity

Reduced installed cost

  • Superior vibration control
    • No VFD Lockout Frequencies required, reducing system startup costs
  • Innovative self-adjusting 3-point isolation design reduces startup costs

Reduced space requirements

  • Smaller equipment footprint, allowing more space in the MER
  • Multiple fan sizes allow selections tailored to your specific requirements
  • Offered in both stacked or side-by-side configurations along with vertical or horizontal arrangements for ease of installation in smaller spaces.

Superior sound performance

  • Quiet 12-blade aluminum airfoil plenum fans
  • Improved sound profile for easier attenuation
  • Optional integrated acoustic baffles if more attenuation is required

Reduced cost of maintenance & service

  • No V-belt drives to maintain
  • No fan bearings to maintain
  • Lower motor and fan weights
  • Optimized quantity of fans to maximize efficiency
  • Easy replacement of fans and motors because of structural fan tower design
  • Optional motor winch for safe and easy removal of fan and motor

Enhancing FanMatrix's appearance and functionality is the fact that fans are housed in towers finished with an industrial coating system formulated to withstand harsh environments. Each fan is spring-isolated to provide superior vibration isolation and seismic performance. Our fans’ structural design eliminates potentially destructive resonant vibration and improves fan life.

  • Improved Energy Performance
  • Reduced Space Requirements
  • Superior Sound & Seismic Performances
  • Reduced Cost of Maintenance & Service

FanMatrix is more than just another “Fan in a Box.” To learn more about FanMatrix and other AHU solutions from ClimateCraft, contact your local ClimateCraft representative or contact us.

Note: ClimateCraft's fan array products allow for fans to be turned off for safety, repair, and maintenance purposes. ClimateCraft's fan array products are not designed to turn individual fans on and off for the purpose of improving fan array efficiency, and ClimateCraft does not endorse turning individual fans on and off for the purpose of improving fan array efficiency. Any statement to the contrary is not supported by ClimateCraft.

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