ClimateCraft® Custom AHUs

ClimateCraft provides the highest quality air handling units (AHUs). The advantages of our innovative removable panel design and full thermal break construction, along with our wide range of options, allow us to meet customers' needs in Commercial, Education, Government, Healthcare, High Tech Manufacturing and Life Sciences environments. The real value of our custom AHUs is tied to our innovative construction methods, that use high-quality materials and components produced with a 40-year lifespan in mind. Because we design and manufacture our own fans and coils, we have the engineering expertise to solve any HVAC-related challenge.

At ClimateCraft, we also believe it’s important to keep up-to-date on industry needs by offering a variety of design options, components and materials to meet your specific requirements, such as LEED designation, system retrofit and severe duty.

Our engineering and design expertise allow us to build AHUs that comply with a wide range of codes and regulations, including:

  • High-velocity hurricane zone requirements of Miami-Dade County and the Florida Building Code
  • Seismic certification requirements of the International Building Code and the rigorous California Office of State Health Planning and Development (OSHPD) certification, for which ClimateCraft was the first manufacturer of AHUs and standalone FanMatrix™ arrays to obtain approval.
  • Air Movement and Control Association (AMCA) certification for sound power and air delivery performance
  • AMCA-certified low-leakage dampers
  • Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI)-certified coils

Exclusive Roll-formed Panel Construction Sets ClimateCraft Apart from the Competition

The backbone of every ClimateCraft air handler is our exclusive roll-formed joint panel construction. Our innovative bolted standing seam cabinet construction method results in cabinets that are extremely strong, operationally efficient and easy to maintain.

Individual panels are roll-formed from a single piece of metal, with double-thick edges for increased cabinet strength. Material options include heavy gauge G90 galvanized steel, stainless steel and weight saving textured aluminum. Coating options include powder-coated aluminum or steel, and galvanized pre-painted steel.

Inner liners are attached to the exterior panel through a high durometer EPDM gasket that acts as a thermal break. This prevents the cabinet from sweating, a feature previously available only in the most expensive custom-manufactured units. The combined shape of the gasket material and underlying metal provides a tight seal that actually improves as cabinet pressure increases, with cabinet leakage ranging from Class 4 to Class 5 depending on the type of insulation and liner specified for the job. Options include two, three and four-inch fiberglass or injected foam insulation, as well as solid and perforated liners from a number of different materials.

Unit Doors Also Feature Complete Thermal Break

Full-size access doors are standard on all ClimateCraft units. Door frames are constructed of extruded aluminum with a high durometer EPDM gasket between layers to create a thermal break. Door panel skins can be galvanized steel, stainless steel or aluminum to match the unit cabinet construction.

The door frames are the same size and shape along the gasket edges as the unit panels, making the door assemblies interchangeable with any panel of the same dimensions. Our heavy-duty handles are made from an extremely durable composite material and have roller-cam latch assemblies. Because it is fabricated from a composite material, there is no energy transfer from the interior of the unit to the exterior through the handle.

Integrated Thermal Break Eliminates Sweating at Joints

An air handler that sweats at its panels, doors, or base creates a number of problems for building owners. On indoor units, pools of water that collect on the floor represent significant safety hazards for maintenance personnel who must be concerned with slipping on wet floors and electrocution as they work on units. Condensation also creates potential structural problems, because metal constantly exposed to moisture will corrode and significantly weaken over time. In addition, there are IAQ concerns about wet surfaces because they can become a breeding ground for mold and other organisms.

ClimateCraft’s integrated thermal break eliminates sweating. The entire cabinet has ClimateCraft’s thermal break construction including the unit base and floor, wall and roof panels, and access doors.

Our unique panel construction has the added advantage of enabling customers to specify different materials for the inner and outer skins without the potential for corrosion that would normally exist when dissimilar metals come into contact with each other.

ClimateCraft’s unique panel and door construction with its integrated thermal break greatly reduces the need to condition equipment rooms…a benefit every building owner appreciates!

Long-term Customer Satisfaction And Operational Efficiency

ClimateCraft uses only rugged, quality components selected for years of reliable service, including:

  • AMCA-certified fans selected for sound power and performance
  • Factory provided unit inlet, outlet and radiated sound levels
  • Perforated liners and sound attenuators reduce and eliminate operational noise
  • AMCA-certified, low leakage dampers
  • Coils that are AHRI-certified for performance
  • Filters ranging from 2 inch pleated to 12 inch HEPA
  • Double-sloped IAQ drain pans
  • Watertight foam-insulated bases
  • Progressive FanMatrix™ fan array capability provides improved energy and sound performance, reduced space demands, increased reliability and lower long term cost of ownership without sacrificing vibration control and seismic qualification.

Cabinets can be finished with an industrial coating system specially formulated to withstand adverse conditions and weathering, including 1,000 hours exposure to five percent salt spray. ClimateCraft’s high quality coating system adds to the overall durability of our units and contributes to our customers’ satisfaction.

Our Promise

When you choose a ClimateCraft® AHU, you're putting your trust in a company that sets the standards for:

  • Engineering Expertise
  • Innovative Design
  • Use of High-Quality Materials
  • Value
  • Durability