“View how ClimateCraft’s innovative BalanceStream technology, with only one moving part, improves fan array system efficiency, part load operation while reducing maintenance and energy costs.”

ClimateCraft BalanceStream™ technology used in a FanMatrix™ fan array saves you money by operating at higher efficiencies over the entire operating range and increases your ability to run at lower loads and reduce your need for reheat in VAV applications.

BalanceStream is a spring actuated inlet cone that allows stable operation down to 10% of design, prevents fan surge and requires no additional complex fan cycling control strategies to integrate into your control system. There are no additional electro-mechancial devices to add complexity of control points or maintenance issues.

Benefits Include:

Improved Operational Performance

  • Eliminates the need for backdraft dampers and provides automatic shut-off in case of a fan failure
  • Improves overall system efficiency as it does not obstruct the fan intake; therefore, there are no associated intake losses or impact on operating BHP
  • Provides operational consistency by allowing fans to maintain high efficiency over the entire operating range
  • Solves part load system operational problems by:
    1. Allowing fans to provide controlled static pressure at flows down to 10% of design without cycling fans
    2. Allows the fans to run stably and efficiently at part load flow at elevated static pressure
    3. Completely eliminating the need to cycle fans; therefore, maintaining a consistent flow profile that is potentially lost when fans are cycled off

Improved Reliability

  • Reduces system instability by eliminating fan surge
  • Only one moving part; requires no lubrication or periodic maintenance
  • Provides ‘Peace of Mind’ by limiting potential operational problems due to oversized systems and other challenges which have not yet been identified.

Note: ClimateCraft's fan array products allow for fans to be turned off for safety, repair, and maintenance purposes. ClimateCraft's fan array products are not designed to turn individual fans on and off for the purpose of improving fan array efficiency, and ClimateCraft does not endorse turning individual fans on and off for the purpose of improving fan array efficiency. Any statement to the contrary is not supported by ClimateCraft.

Our Promise

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