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ACCESS™ Replacement Air Handler Brochure (PDF)
Video Overview

View ClimateCraft's ACCESS™ Air Handling Unit being installed in a tight and limited space at Colorado's Auraria Higher Education Center:

A common story heard from facility professionals tells the tale of that worn out, inefficient, aging air handler, installed in a small space with limited accessibility. Sound familiar? Replacement is inevitable, but once the decision has been made to replace the unit, the challenges begin. How to get the old unit out and the new unit in — a unit that must meet current codes and can be replaced with minimal downtime?

The options appear to be limited, unacceptable and extremely expensive — unless you have ACCESS™ from ClimateCraft. ACCESS is an unparalleled process for custom engineering and manufacturing air handling units (AHUs) that are factory-made and field-assembled. ACCESS is ideal for retrofit applications where access to the mechanical room is limited.

Engineered specifically for final assembly at the job site the same way we do it at the factory, ACCESS is more than just a knockdown AHU. It’s the air handler that comes with factory support and a track record of many successful installations that would have been impossible using traditional production and installation methods.

A key advantage of ACCESS units is that they ship to the job site on individual pallets, requiring no field disassembly. They’re designed to be easily transported into small spaces, negotiating narrow corridors and tight corners. Detailed installation instructions, tool lists and typical photos are available to assist with any questions that might arise during field installation. We coordinate panels and pallets by staging and marking all parts for easy identification and proper installation. Various levels of customer support are available based on the desired level of precision required for a specific application.

When it comes to ACCESS installation, you have many options:

  • ClimateCraft can provide local contractors with detailed instructions
  • ClimateCraft can train contractor employees at our factory prior to installation, certifying them for your project
  • ClimateCraft can send factory field service professionals to your job site to supervise installation
  • Following installation by a local contractor, ClimateCraft professionals can field inspect the installation to guarantee safe and efficient operation.

To be certain you're making the best choice for your particular situation, contact our Engineering Team.

Our Promise

When you choose a ClimateCraft® AHU, you're putting your trust in a company that sets the standards for:

  • Engineering Expertise
  • Innovative Design
  • Use of High-Quality Materials
  • Value
  • Durability