Company Info

ClimateCraft, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of innovative custom air handling units (AHUs) that are used to provide comfortable efficient environments in Healthcare, Education, Laboratory, Commercial, and High Tech Manufacturing facilities throughout the United States. Our applications and engineering teams consist of some of the industry’s most talented and innovative professionals. Their extensive knowledge and experience come standard with every design to produce a custom solution for the most challenging new construction, renovation or replacement projects.

Our custom AHUs are made in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, in a manufacturing facility that is designed to produce some of the industry’s highest quality, most durable and best performing products. We combine leading edge construction methods with high quality components to produce AHUs that offer exceptional performance, quiet operation and lasting value. ClimateCraft systems can comply with the high-velocity hurricane zone requirements of Miami-Dade County and the Florida Building Code, and meet the seismic construction and compliance requirements of the International Building Code. In fact, ClimateCraft was the first custom air handling company to receive California’s OSHPD certification.

Our goal is to be your custom AHU supplier of choice. We are focused on providing you with innovative, quiet, efficient, durable, space-appropriate solutions to your most difficult air handling challenges.

ClimateCraft was established in 1998.

The Value We Add

There’s engineering excellence and total practicality in every ClimateCraft product. You’ll also find that doing business with ClimateCraft gives you superior quality, consistency, and value. And in a tough economy, who isn’t looking for a cost-effective solution?

We’ve considered many common concerns about customized air handlers, so we built an extra level of quality into each of our products.

For instance, knowing that vibration is an enemy to the lifespan of a fan and motor, our FanMatrix design is not only balanced at the design point, but throughout the operating map of the fan curve and uses spring isolation and greaseable motor bearings with the intent of extending the motor life well past our standard 5-year warranty period.

Another example, our MatrixMonitor®, provides notification of when motor bearings need to be greased based on operational time and speed to allow for minimal, planned maintenance when it’s convenient for your facility. These features and benefits are just a few examples of the exceptional engineering that goes into every ClimateCraft product.

We know you need to focus on your daily responsibilities, and mastering the details to specify an AHU can be time-consuming. When you depend on ClimateCraft, you can leave the particulars to us. Whether you need to replace that aging air handler in the depths of your building or need to figure out how to get new product in the door without major construction to remove walls, we can help!

ClimateCraft operates a state-of-the-art plant located in Oklahoma City to produce custom air handling units for customers in the Commercial, Education, Government, Healthcare, High Tech Manufacturing and Life Sciences environments.